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Website’s history and purpose:

I created, ‘Philosophy: The Stuff Of Magic’ in 2013 on Facebook. Although I was only sixteen at the time, I wanted a place to improve my writing skills and share thoughts on particular issues. Starting out initially writing essays on philosophy and poetry, I soon branched out into the realm of literature and politics. These ventures allowed for a wider audience of people to enquire as to the nature of what I do. This increase in followers led me to create this website, which acts as an archive of sorts. I upload a number essays that I have written for other publications too here, with the original links attached within. This is to ensure that if such pieces were to be deleted, I can easily retrieve them here. Thus, the purpose of this website is to keep an archive of essays written by myself for future prosperity.

A bit about Anthony Avice Du Buisson:

I was born in South Africa in the late 1990s and moved to Australia in 2009. I am an essayist who writes on a variety of topics ranging from philosophy to politics. I am currently studying at James Cook University in Cairns, Queensland,¬† doing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Politics and International Relations and a Bachelor of Laws. My politics lean leftward and I self identify as an internationalist. Supporting number of movements and causes, from the Syrian Revolution to the Rojava Revolution and #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen’s movement. I also write for a number of online syndications, such as Areo Magazine, Jerusalem Post and The Region.

To contact me, please send queries to: anthonyavicedubuisson@gmail.com
You can also reach me on Twitter.

Last updated on the 23/02/2019