Weep Not For Me

Good night dear.
A deep sigh releases me,
out of body and into breeze.
A deep sigh releases me;
to another world,
I must be.

Sun must set and moon must rise,
such is the passage of time.
Time moves on and so must I;
no stop for me tonight.
My ship is ready, thy sails are steady;
but you are not ready.

My dear, what is wrong?
Have I not stayed for too long?
Or is it that you have succumb to the Siren’s song?

Here, here, do not try to stop me.
Here, here, do not cry next to me.
You will see me again soon,
I promise.

Weep not for me, my dear.
Gentle tears are enough once.
Weep not for me, my dear;
weep not.

Celebrate thy life with cheer.
Celebrate thy life with beer!
Just celebrate it all with love.
Do not be sad…please do not.

Now, let me go into that bright light.
Please dear…let me go.

Weep not for me dear friends, weep not.
Remember the good times.
It is like Lightman said in ‘Einstein’s dreams’:

“For it is only habit and memory that dulls the physical passion. Without memory, each night is the first night, each morning is the first morning, each kiss and touch are the first.”

Dear, I will see you again.
I promise.

Note: This poem was written for my Grandmother after Grandfather’s passing in November and was received just before his funeral in early December. It was sent on the 4th of December, but has only been made publicly available on the 24th.

Written By: Anthony Avice Du Buisson