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About Anthony Avice Du Buisson

I am a South African-Australian writer. I write on an array of different topics ranging from philosophy to human rights. My main areas of focus are the Middle East and Europe, where I specifically write on social, humanitarian, diplomatic and political issues. I contribute to the discourse on these topics through articles, videos and journals. Notable publications that I have contributed to include the Jerusalem Post, Tibetan Review, SAIS Journal of Global Affairs and Areo Magazine.

Brief Bio:

I was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 1996 and immigrated to Busselton, Western Australia in 2009. I lived there for eight years before moving to Queensland to pursue higher education in 2017. I studied at James Cook University later that year, pursuing a double-degree in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in politics and international relations and a Bachelor of Laws with Honours. After six years of study, I finished these degress and graduated with a BA and LLB (Honours) Class IIA in December, 2023.

My writing journey started in the Summer of 2013, where I started writing on my Facebook blog, Philosophy: The Stuff of Magic. Originally I focused on philosophy and history, slowly shifting over the next five years into geopolitics. The first major contribution to a publication that I made came in late 2016 with an article for Areo Magazine titled, A Kingdom of Tears. After more development, I started contributing to the Region with conflict analysis on Syria and the Kurds. Ever since 2016, I have written extensively on the Middle East for notable publications such as the Jerusalem Post Opinion section, which I started writing for in 2018.

My main motivation for writing stems from a desire to not be a spectator to injustice. Growing up, I was always made to feel like an outcast for not desiring to conform to social pressures. Social isolation, bullying and the fallout from these events moulded my thinking, forcing me to reflect on life earlier than usual. Seeing people outcast by society never sat well with me. I did not like watching a tragedy unfold without doing something to raise awareness or try stop it. A love of reading coupled with a pressing need to be heard pushed me to write. It was this willingness to speak and be heard that got me to write in the first place. I started with philosophy but moved swiftly over time to more immediate issues such as humanitarian disasters, etc. And it was these matters that I wanted to highlight to others, which is now reflected in my writing evolution.


I never thought that I would be writing after I left high school. Writing seemed to be very much a shift away from what I initially wanted to do. I wanted to go to the military to pursue a career in the army prior to 2013. However, it seems that my life went in a very different direction. I honestly never saw it coming that I would be interested in the Middle East region or in human rights. Yet, I believe that making the shift was one of the best things that I could have done as my strength rests in words. It always has. It is my form of expression that empowers and moves me. And it all started with me trying new things, despite my fears over whether such things would work out. Thankfully they did.

– Anthony Avice Du Buisson (13/12/2023)

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