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Welcome to the third episode of Through the Looking Glass (TTLG): a podcast examining issues related to foreign policy and foreign affairs. Examining current global affairs and reflecting on pressing questions, and providing thoughts from a young adult’s perspective. Taking a look at this confusing world through the looking glass.

Through the Looking Glass (TTLG) – Episode 3: What should be done about Arab nationalism in Syria?

In today’s episode, I explore the topic of Syria and the issue of what should be done about Arab nationalism in Syria? I will explore the history of Pan-Arabism in the country, the rise of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party to power and institutionalisation of Arab nationalism on a state level. Identifying discriminatory policies administered towards minorities such as Kurds and examining the consequences of this ideology in Syria today. The aim is to present a picture of Syria that is usually either ignored or downplayed and expand upon this idea of Syria, especially in relation to current affairs in the country.

Published by Anthony Avice Du Buisson via YouTube (23/02/2021)

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